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The waffle is life. No one can resist a good waffle, sweet or savory. This pastry, halfway between French toast and a giant cookie, is a must-have in European cuisine, particularly Belgian and French.

Where do waffles come from?

But did you know that the waffle has a rich and complex history? It all started in Antiquity, where the Greeks and Romans were already making waffles, often made from wheat flour and olive oil. These waffles were often served with honey or maple syrup, probably to convey the taste of olive oil.

Au Moyen Âge, laIn the Middle Ages, the waffle became a very popular pastry in Europe, particularly in Belgium and France. At the time, the waffle was often prepared with eggs, flour, milk and sugar, and cooked on a plate heated over a wood fire. The inhabitants of the time quickly understood that the waffle was much better when shared with friends or family, to the delight of everyone.

Over the centuries, the waffle has evolved to give rise to different varieties, which vary depending on the recipe, shape and cooking method. Liège waffles, for example, are a Belgian specialty which owes its name to the city of Liège. They are prepared with a dough made from flour, yeast, pearl sugar and butter, and cooked on a cast iron plate. The result is a waffle that is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, with a slightly sweet taste. Brussels waffles, for their part, are thinner and crispier than Liège waffles. They are often served with whipped cream, fresh fruit or icing sugar, and are perfect for “pimp my waffle” fans.

Waffle is life!

But the waffle is not only a pastry, it is also a symbol of conviviality, sharing and pleasure. She has inspired many artists, writers and filmmakers. The most famous waffle character is undoubtedly Waffleman, an imaginary superhero who was created by American cartoonist Bob Kane in the 1990s.

Where there’s a waffle, there’s a way.