Our story

Waffle Factory started life in the late 90s

Founded in 1987 and the parent company of Waffle Factory, Belgaufre devoted most of its energies to making dough for Liege waffles.

The recipe for success

With the help of his father, Stéphane Desobry spent two years developing a dry dough for Liege waffles. Boasting a lower fat content (a mere 12%), the dough is made fresh and tastes absolutely delicious.

2000: a handmade product

Ever since then, each outlet (which, originally, were only six square metres in size) has had its very own doughmaker. Every morning, they prepare a batch of fresh dough, which is then baked to meet customer demand.

2003: a brand new savoury dough


The days are long at outlets selling nothing but sweet products. With breakfast being such an essential meal, we decided to draw on all our waffle experience and come up with a savoury product. And so, the LunchWAF came into being. A unique creation and a genuine meal in itself, it became a hit with customers, who, having grown weary of the same old sandwiches and pizzas, began showing their appreciation for a waffle “like no other”. Broadening its menu, Waffle Factory has since added a host of toppings, recipes and different takes on its star products to its now-extensive range.

The range grows and grows


Waffle Factory’s now-extensive range features a host of toppings, recipes and different takes on its star products.

The story goes on


The Waffle Factory adventure has only just begun. We will be unveiling some exciting new recipes to our customers in the very near future.


The brand now has more than 30 outlets in Belgium, France and beyond.



The Waffle Factory restaurant concept is based on a perfect blend of tradition and a love for good food, not to mention a unique and pleasing experience. Our watchwords are authenticity, know-how, meticulousness, simplicity, good food, quality and flavour.

In our awareness of changing eating habits and out of our concern for the health of our customers, Waffle Factory is committed to offering them quality ingredients and fresh flavoursome products that are low in fat and sugar.

All Waffle Factory doughs are made on site and are low in fat, with the LunchWAF containing approximately 6% and sweet waffles 12%, for example. The combination of our doughs and fresh, quality toppings ensures our customers enjoy a genuinely balanced meal and a healthier, even more delicious break.

Waffle Factory

an international concept

Founded in Belgium and now largely present in France, Waffle Factory has enjoyed constant growth in building a burgeoning reputation that has allowed it to break into the international market. Now present in Qatar and United Arab Emirates, the company is looking to continue its expansion abroad. All its outlets have what we call a “cocooning Factory” look that combines wood and metal, while all our products are made on site. We have also adapted our recipes in some countries to guarantee the complete satisfaction of our new customers.

Our success is also down to a carefully thought – out concept:

Combining a “production area” and a “welcome area”, Waffle Factory outlets feature wood and metal decor that reflects the tradition forged by the time-honoured, quality, delicious, original and unique products we serve our customers the moment they step through the door.

The combination of product and concept allow Waffle Factory to reach a large target market (in the 20-45 age range) and to sustain its growth in Belgium, France and beyond.

In its desire to embark on new adventures, Waffle Factory is looking for experienced master franchisees to develop its concept outside Belgium and France !